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ActionSA’s Herman Mashaba Urges Home Affairs Unit to Combat Illegal Immigration

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba has called for a specialized unit within the Department of Home Affairs to address illegal immigration. He emphasizes the need for lawful immigration and protection of South Africa’s sovereignty while supporting the recent visa concessions by Minister Leon Schreiber.

Herman Mashaba, leader of ActionSA, has been vocal about the need for stricter measures against illegal immigration in South Africa. Recently, he urged the newly appointed Minister of Home Affairs, Leon Schreiber, to establish a dedicated unit within his department to specifically handle issues related to illegal immigration. This call to action follows Schreiber’s decision last week to extend the temporary concession for foreigners awaiting visa, waiver, and appeal outcomes.

Schreiber’s extension aims to protect applicants, particularly those contributing scarce skills to South Africa, from facing negative repercussions such as being mistakenly labeled undesirable while their applications are pending. “The decision to avert adverse consequences for applicants who seek to obtain lawful visas in order to contribute to South Africa, either through their skills or as tourists, signals the minister’s commitment to improving the visa system to make South Africa a more attractive destination for international investment, tourism, and job creation,” stated the Department of Home Affairs.

In an interview with Newzroom Afrika, Mashaba reiterated ActionSA’s stance on illegal immigration. He mentioned that their parliamentary representative, Lerato Ngobeni, had issued a statement on the matter and had taken it up with the minister. Mashaba emphasized that the sovereignty of South Africa must not be compromised and that due processes should be followed in deporting those who are in the country illegally. “We cannot just go around the streets picking up anyone,’’ he said.

Mashaba stressed the urgency of Schreiber establishing a special unit within law enforcement agencies to manage and streamline the issue of illegal immigrants entering South Africa. He envisions a future where there are no undocumented individuals in the country. According to Mashaba, anyone coming into South Africa must demonstrate a legitimate reason to be in the country as per legal requirements.

Mashaba pointed out that illegal activities such as drug dealing and syndicates are turning South Africa into their playground, with illegal immigrants being used in various illicit activities. He highlighted that this exacerbates the unemployment issue in the country, with 12 million South Africans out of work. He also raised concerns about terrorist groups operating in South Africa, with foreign embassies being aware of these activities.

He claimed that the funds supporting spaza shops are brought in through illegal means, avoiding normal banking systems, and profits are similarly siphoned out illegally. Mashaba issued a stern warning that illegal immigrants funding terrorist groups could soon lead to these groups taking over South Africa.

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