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Bolt Tightens Safety Measures: Blocks 6,000 Drivers

Bolt has permanently blocked over 6,000 drivers from its platform to enhance safety. The Western Cape E-hailing Association has called for similar scrutiny of riders. Bolt continues to implement safety features and compliance measures for a secure ride-hailing experience. In a significant move to bolster safety and compliance within its ride-hailing service, Bolt recently announced the permanent blocking of over 6,000 drivers from its platform. This action, undertaken to address non-compliance and safety concerns, underscores Bolt’s commitment to ensuring a secure environment for both drivers and riders.

Speaking to 702, Siyabonga Hlabisa, chair of the Western Cape E-hailing Association, expressed surprise at Bolt’s announcement and emphasized the need for similar investigations into riders. Hlabisa highlighted issues of “suspicious” and “fraudulent” documents and fake accounts among users, urging Bolt to extend its scrutiny to riders as well.

In response, Bolt clarified that the blocked drivers were identified due to non-compliance and safety-related issues. This proactive measure aligns with Bolt’s goal of maintaining top safety standards within the ride-hailing industry. Wyinmi Aghadiuno, Bolt’s acting head of regulatory and policy in Africa, reiterated the company’s dedication to safety, stating that even a single incident is too many.

To enhance safety, Bolt has introduced several features. The emergency assist feature, developed in collaboration with the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA), allows the app to share driver details and location with AA’s 24/7 contact center, facilitating immediate deployment of security and emergency services. Additionally, trip audio recording and trip monitoring features provide further layers of security, allowing for real-time safety checks and the ability to record trips for future reference.

Furthermore, Bolt is testing a rider verification feature that requires new users to upload a selfie and ID, which the company verifies before allowing ride orders. This step aims to curb the use of fake accounts and ensure that all riders on the platform are legitimate.

Bolt’s stringent compliance measures extend to both drivers and riders. The company has made it clear that any individual found violating safety standards or non-compliance will face swift and decisive action, including permanent suspension from the platform.

This move by Bolt highlights the company’s unwavering focus on safety and compliance, setting a high standard in the ride-hailing industry. As Bolt continues to refine its safety protocols, riders and drivers can expect a safer, more reliable ride experience.

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