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Bruce Whitfield’s Departure from Primedia Marks the End of an Era

Renowned radio personality Bruce Whitfield is leaving Primedia to pursue new professional ventures, including a podcast series and a biography project with Professor Adrian Saville.

After more than two decades, Bruce Whitfield is leaving Primedia and stepping away from his renowned radio show, The Money Show, which aired on Cape Talk and Talk Radio 702. This departure signifies the end of an era for South African radio, as Whitfield has been a staple in the industry, bringing financial insights and business news to listeners nationwide.

In a statement on his website, Whitfield expressed his excitement about embarking on a “bold new professional adventure.” He shared, “I have loved every moment on The Money Show and am honoured to have been part of listeners’ lives for over two decades. The time has come, however, to focus on some exciting new projects which require a more specific focus.”

Throughout his illustrious career, Whitfield conducted around 50,000 interviews with a diverse array of individuals, including business luminaries, global leaders, and a fair number of rogues and reprobates. As the host of The Money Show for over 20 years, Whitfield’s program became the longest-running national radio show in the same time slot with the same host in South African broadcast history.

He credits the show’s success to the loyalty of its listeners, stating, “I am deeply indebted to the loyal listeners of the show who have always ensured that I stick to my promise of translating often dry and complicated financial and business concepts into everyday language.”

Looking ahead, Whitfield is channeling his energy into new projects that allow for greater focus and depth. One notable project is a biography he is co-authoring with Professor Adrian Saville about an ambitious South African company that is rapidly globalizing. While the company’s identity remains undisclosed, anticipation is high.

In addition to the biography, Whitfield is launching a brand-new podcast series in September, promising to stay just a click away from his audience.

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