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Capitec Banking Rewards: How to Save Up to R4,000

Discover how Capitec Live Better users can save up to R4,000 through discounts and cashback on everyday purchases, health products, and fuel, all at no additional cost. Learn about the benefits and tools available through the Capitec mobile app.

Capitec’s Live Better rewards program offers significant savings and benefits to its customers, potentially saving them up to R4,000. These rewards include cash back, discounts, and special savings tools, accessible through the Capitec mobile banking app.

Key Features of Capitec Live Better:

  1. Cash Back and Discounts:
    • Daily Purchases: Earn 1% cash back on every purchase made with a Capitec credit card.
    • Fuel: Get 20c per litre cash back at Shell (requires a V+ card).
    • Health Products: Enjoy 2% cash back at Dis-Chem and Dis-Chem Baby City, both in-store and online.
    • Building Supplies: Receive 1% cash back at Cashbuild.
    • Educational Discounts: Get 50% off all courses at Educate24, plus free courses like “SmartCV” and “Personal Management for Success.”
    • Premium Education: Save R4,000 on GetSmarter short courses, with offerings from prestigious institutions like the University of Oxford, MIT, and UCT.
    • Travel Savings: Save R100 on domestic flights and R400 on international flights booked through Travelstart when paying with a Capitec card.
  2. Live Better Day:
    • On the tenth of every month, users benefit from special rewards like a 10% cash back at Exclusive Books.
  3. Savings Tools:
    • Interest Sweep: Transfer all the interest earned from the previous month on accounts under your name into your Live Better savings account.
    • Round-Up: Choose a round-up amount (R2, R5, or R10) that rounds up each purchase to the nearest selected amount, with the difference deposited into the Live Better account. For example, if you spend R42 and choose a R5 round-up, R45 is debited, with R42 going to the merchant and R3 into your savings.
  4. Live Better Savings Account:
    • Cashback benefits and rewards are routed to this account on the tenth of every month, known as Live Better day. The money in this account earns an interest rate of 4.2%, similar to a regular savings account.
  5. Educational Resources:
    • MoneyUp Academy: Offers free short courses on personal banking, budgeting, saving, investing, and managing credit and debt.

How to Access These Benefits:

  • Capitec Mobile App: All the rewards and savings tools can be managed through the Capitec mobile app. Users can view their Live Better balance, check participating partners, and activate savings tools directly from the app.
  • Activation: To start benefiting, Capitec customers need to activate Live Better benefits through the mobile app.

Conclusion: Capitec’s Live Better rewards program is designed to help users save on everyday expenses, invest in education, and manage their finances more efficiently. By leveraging cash back, discounts, and unique savings tools, Capitec customers can make the most of their money effortlessly.

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