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Ice Cube Shares Positive Update on Fourth ‘Friday’ Movie

Ice Cube announces progress on the long-awaited fourth installment of the “Friday” movie series, revealing Warner Bros. has finally shown interest under new leadership.

Fans of the “Friday” movie series have reason to celebrate as Ice Cube recently shared a promising update about the fourth installment of the beloved franchise. During an appearance on Flavor Flav’s SiriusXM show, “Flavor of the Week,” the actor and rapper revealed that Warner Bros. has finally shown some interest in moving forward with the project.

Ice Cube, who starred in and wrote the original trilogy — “Friday” (1995), “Next Friday” (2000), and “Friday After Next” (2002) — expressed his frustration over the delays, particularly in light of the deaths of key co-stars John Witherspoon, Tommy Lister Jr., and Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson. “We keep losing people, and y’all keep d**king around, not doing the movie the way it needed to be done,” he lamented.

However, there’s now a glimmer of hope. “We’re working on it. We finally got some traction with Warner Bros,” Ice Cube disclosed. He credited this progress to new leadership at the studio, specifically mentioning Mike DeLuca, who previously worked at New Line Cinema during the production of the original “Friday” films. “Mike DeLuca was there when I first did the first ‘Friday’ and ‘Players Club’ and ‘All About the Benjamins.’ Now he’s running Warner Bros.,” Ice Cube noted.

The renewed interest from Warner Bros. comes with a commitment to getting the film done right. “They wanna do it, but the key is, it’s got to be done right or we shouldn’t f**k with it,” Ice Cube emphasized. This approach aims to honor the legacy of the franchise and its late actors, ensuring that the new installment meets the high expectations of fans and creators alike.

With the backing of Warner Bros.’ new leadership, Ice Cube is optimistic about finally bringing the fourth “Friday” movie to fruition. Fans eagerly await more updates as the project progresses, hoping to see the beloved characters back on screen soon.

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