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John Steenhuisen Betrayed ACDP, Says Meshoe, and Rejects Lesufi-led Government of Provincial Unity

The political landscape in Gauteng is heating up as ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoe accuses DA leader John Steenhuisen of betrayal amid the formation of the Government of Provincial Unity (GPU) led by Premier Panyaza Lesufi. This article delves into the intricate dynamics and tensions among South Africa’s political parties as they navigate new alliances and legislative challenges.

The Gauteng legislature has become a focal point of political contention as parties negotiate their positions within the newly proposed Government of Provincial Unity (GPU). Premier Panyaza Lesufi, poised to appoint his MEC caucus, has highlighted the collaborative efforts among various parties, including RISE Mzansi, VF Plus, African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), and the Patriotic Alliance. However, this unity is not without its fractures and disputes.

Lesufi’s GPU and Opposition Dynamics

In a recent TV interview, Lesufi underscored the necessity of collaboration, stating, “We have concluded discussions with VF Plus, RISE Mzansi, IFP, the ACDP, DA, and PA. We have not won the elections, but in reality, we are the largest supported party in Gauteng, and we cannot be arrogant and difficult, because voters showed us we must work together.”

However, the ACDP has taken a firm stand against joining the GPU. Wayne Thring, the party’s deputy president, clarified their position, emphasizing their focus on challenging key legislative bills and potential legal actions against the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) over alleged vote rigging. “The ACDP wants to review a number of bills that have been passed, such as the Bela Bill. We are still looking to take the results to the election board, in order to see if we have sufficient evidence to put forward against the IEC,” Thring stated.

Legislative Concerns and Opposition Stance

The ACDP’s opposition to the Basic Education Laws Amendment (Bela) Bill and the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill reflects broader concerns about the current administration’s legislative agenda. Kenneth Meshoe, the party’s leader, voiced strong objections to the NHI Bill, citing economic constraints and the impracticality of ensuring free access to healthcare under current conditions. “We have issues with the NHI Bill, because the government cannot meet the needs of the people right now with NHI, especially since doctors are unemployed. Where will they (government) find money to ensure everything is for free? We have to ensure SA’s economy improves so that health workers get jobs.”

Accusations of Betrayal

In a surprising twist, Meshoe accused DA leader John Steenhuisen of betraying the Moonshot Pact, a DA-led political alliance aimed at unseating the ANC. During an ACDP Facebook livestream, Meshoe alleged that Steenhuisen held secret meetings with the ANC, undermining the pact’s objectives. “John Steenhuisen was talking with the ANC behind our backs, while he said the DA would never work with the ANC. He left the Multiparty Charter (Moonshot Pact),” Meshoe declared.

The political arena in Gauteng remains tumultuous as parties navigate alliances, legislative challenges, and accusations of betrayal. As the Government of Provincial Unity takes shape, the intricate dynamics among South Africa’s political entities continue to evolve, reflecting the complexities of governance and opposition in a diverse political landscape.

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