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Kenya’s President Ruto Eliminates Budget for First Lady’s Office and Dissolves 47 Agencies

In a significant fiscal reform move, President William Ruto of Kenya has removed the budget for the offices of the first and second ladies, dissolved 47 governmental agencies, and suspended non-essential travel for state officials amidst widespread national protests.

President William Ruto of Kenya has made sweeping fiscal reforms in response to growing national discontent and protests. In a live broadcast on Friday, he announced the elimination of the budget for the offices of Kenya’s first and second ladies. This unprecedented move is part of a broader strategy to streamline government spending and address the nation’s economic challenges.

In addition to cutting the budgets of the first and second ladies’ offices, Ruto dissolved 47 government agencies, which he deemed redundant or non-essential. This dissolution is aimed at reducing administrative overhead and improving the efficiency of government operations.

To further curb government expenses, Ruto has suspended all non-essential travel for state and public officers. He emphasized that no state officer or public servant will participate in harambee, a traditional Kenyan practice of community fundraising and collective efforts.

The president also revealed plans to ask parliament for spending cuts amounting to 177 billion shillings (1.39 billion USD) for the fiscal year that began this month. To balance the budget, the government will increase borrowing by about 169 billion shillings.

These reforms are part of President Ruto’s broader strategy to stabilize Kenya’s economy and ensure more prudent use of public funds. By eliminating unnecessary expenditures and focusing on essential services, Ruto aims to address the country’s financial issues and restore public trust in the government.

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