Kerry Washington Advocates for Removing Felony Box from Job Applications if Trump Can Run for President as a Felon

Kerry Washington speaks out against the justice system, highlighting the irony of Donald Trump running for president as a convicted felon while many felons face employment and voting restrictions.

In a thought-provoking interview with Bustle, acclaimed actress Kerry Washington shared her evolving perspective on the justice system following Donald Trump’s recent conviction. Washington, known for her role in “Scandal,” expressed her disbelief that Trump, despite being convicted of 34 counts of falsifying business records, is still eligible to run for president. This situation, she believes, underscores a significant flaw in the justice system.

“Everything has changed in terms of how I feel about the so-called justice system,” Washington told Bustle. “We’re in such an interesting moment when it comes to [the question of], ‘What is a felon?’ I love what people have been sharing on social media, [saying that] if a person who is a convicted felon can still run for president, then we should be removing that box from job applications.”

Washington’s comments reflect a broader debate about the rights of felons in the United States. Many argue that if someone convicted of serious crimes can aspire to the highest office in the country, then they should also be afforded the basic rights to work and vote. Washington emphasized this point, stating, “That’s huge. Huge. The irony is that [Gov.] Ron DeSantis has been trying to make it impossible in Trump’s home state. A bill was passed in Florida to allow formerly incarcerated folks to vote, and DeSantis has been trying to do everything he can to [undercut] that. Donald Trump may not be able to vote in his home state.”

This debate is particularly relevant in light of Washington’s upcoming project, season two of Hulu’s “UnPrisoned.” The series, inspired by the life of creator Tracy McMillan, features Washington as a therapist whose life is dramatically affected when her father is released from prison. The show’s narrative aligns with Washington’s advocacy for criminal justice reform and the fair treatment of formerly incarcerated individuals.

As discussions around justice reform continue, Washington’s voice adds a significant perspective, urging a reevaluation of how society views and treats felons. Her call to remove the felony box from job applications if a convicted felon can run for president is a powerful statement about equality and fairness in the justice system.

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