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MultiChoice Group Launches Groundbreaking Leadership Academy at GIBS

MultiChoice Group pioneers the establishment of its inaugural School of Leadership in collaboration with The Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). This innovative faculty aims to empower aspiring African talent in sports, media, and entertainment industries through specialized skills development and leadership training.

In a significant milestone for talent development in Africa’s sports, media, and entertainment sectors, MultiChoice Group unveils its groundbreaking initiative: the School of Leadership, hosted in partnership with The Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). This pioneering venture marks a pivotal moment in the company’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) portfolio, underscoring its commitment to nurturing bright African talent and fostering leadership excellence.

The School of Leadership stands as a beacon of empowerment for graduates seeking to navigate the competitive landscape of sports, media, and entertainment industries. With a focus on skills development and leadership training, this innovative faculty aims to future-proof aspiring leaders against evolving challenges and opportunities in their respective fields.

At the heart of the School of Leadership is a vision to cultivate a new generation of African leaders poised to make significant contributions to the global stage. By providing access to curated programs and resources, hand-picked candidates will receive unparalleled support and mentorship as they embark on their leadership journey within the talent sector where MultiChoice operates.

Calvo Mawela, CEO of MultiChoice Group, heralds the launch of the School of Leadership as a game-changer in talent development and industry leadership. Emphasizing the company’s longstanding partnership with GIBS, Mawela underscores the initiative’s potential to shape a new league of business leaders poised to leave a lasting legacy in the sports, media, and entertainment landscape.

The School of Leadership represents an exclusive invitation-only program designed to equip participants with the tools and resources necessary for success in their chosen fields. From fostering leadership acumen to establishing global legacies, graduates of this pioneering academy are poised to drive innovation and excellence within Africa’s dynamic talent sector.

As MultiChoice Group continues to champion leadership excellence and talent development, the School of Leadership emerges as a transformative force, propelling Africa’s sports, media, and entertainment industries to new heights of success and impact.

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