Police Constable Arrested for Hijacking and Possession of Stolen BMW

A 35-year-old police constable from Ermelo has been arrested for allegedly hijacking a Volkswagen Polo and possessing a stolen BMW, thanks to the collaboration between SAPS and Cartrack.

In a startling turn of events, the South African Police Service (SAPS) has announced the arrest of a 35-year-old constable for his involvement in a hijacking and possession of a stolen vehicle. The constable, attached to the Ermelo Police Station, was apprehended for allegedly hijacking a Volkswagen Polo and possessing a stolen BMW.

The incident began when the complainant, while driving from Lothair towards Ermelo, stopped at a fuel station to refill. He offered a lift to two men, who then forced him into the back seat of his car and drove along the N11 towards Hendrina. During this harrowing drive, the victim was coerced into providing his bank card PIN.

The perpetrators eventually met with an accomplice driving a BMW, who had another passenger with him. They drove the victim to Breyten to withdraw money from an ATM. In a fortunate turn of events, the victim managed to escape when the criminals attempted to transfer him to the BMW. He promptly reported the incident to the police in Ermelo.

Cartrack, a vehicle tracking company, played a crucial role in this case by providing information on the whereabouts of the stolen vehicle. This collaboration with the SAPS led to a chase where the driver of the VW Polo abandoned the vehicle and fled the scene.

On 16 June 2024, the victim spotted the BMW involved in the hijacking at a car wash in Ermelo. The police swiftly acted on this tip-off, locating and arresting the suspect, and confiscating the BMW, which was reported stolen a few days prior. The suspect, who works as a court orderly at the Ermelo Magistrate’s Court, faces charges of hijacking and possession of a suspected stolen vehicle. He was expected to appear in court on Tuesday, 18 June.

The SAPS continues to search for the other suspects who remain at large. The police have expressed their gratitude to Cartrack for their instrumental assistance in this case, emphasizing the importance of community and corporate cooperation in combating crime.

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