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Simone Biles Unveils Personal Journey in New Netflix Documentary ‘Simone Biles Rising’

Netflix’s upcoming documentary, ‘Simone Biles Rising,’ explores the Olympic gymnast’s 2020 Tokyo departure, mental health journey, and triumphant return to competition, premiering July 17.

Netflix has released an emotionally charged trailer for its upcoming two-part documentary series, ‘Simone Biles Rising,’ set to premiere on July 17. The series promises an intimate look into the life of Simone Biles, one of the most celebrated gymnasts in history, as she navigates the highs and lows of her career and personal life.

The documentary delves deeply into Biles’ decision to step back from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a move that shocked the world but highlighted the importance of mental health. At just 27 years old, Biles has not only made her mark in the world of gymnastics but also as a powerful advocate for mental health awareness. “We are all the authors of our own journeys, and I am in a place in my life where I’m comfortable with who I am and what I’ve been through as an athlete, but most of all, as a person,” Biles shared in a heartfelt statement released by Netflix. She further emphasized that while gymnastics is a significant part of her life, it does not define her entirely. The documentary aims to showcase this multifaceted aspect of her identity.

In addition to exploring her mental health journey, ‘Simone Biles Rising’ also chronicles her preparation for the upcoming Olympic games in Paris this summer. Biles recently demonstrated her unparalleled talent and determination by clinching the top prize at the 2024 U.S. Gymnastics Championships, dominating all individual events. Her victories set the stage for an eagerly anticipated performance at the Paris Olympics, which begin on July 26.

Biles hopes that her story will resonate with viewers, especially young girls facing similar challenges. “I know there are young girls out there who look to me for inspiration and are faced with similar challenges, and my hope is that this documentary helps to empower them to be true to who they are and never give up on their dreams,” she expressed, underscoring the documentary’s inspirational intent.

‘Simone Biles Rising’ will premiere with four 45-minute episodes, offering a comprehensive and touching portrayal of Biles’ journey, both on and off the mat. The series is expected to be a compelling watch, shedding light on the resilience and strength required to overcome personal and professional hurdles.

This documentary promises to be an inspiring testament to Biles’ indomitable spirit, offering viewers a chance to see beyond her athletic prowess and understand the person behind the medals. Mark your calendars for July 17 to witness the rise of a true champion.

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