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South Africans React to ANC and DA Coalition Agreement

The African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) have reached a preliminary agreement to form a Government of National Unity, sparking a wide range of reactions from South Africans. Public backlash and skepticism dominate social media discussions, highlighting concerns and criticisms of the coalition’s potential impact. In a surprising political development, the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) have reached a preliminary agreement to form a Government of National Unity (GNU). This announcement has ignited a firestorm of reactions across South Africa, with many citizens expressing their dissatisfaction and skepticism about the alliance.

The ANC has been engaging in discussions with various parties, including the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and the National Freedom Party (NFP), particularly in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). However, the preliminary agreement with the DA has been the focal point of recent debates and controversies.

Public Backlash on Social Media

The news of the potential coalition has generated significant criticism on social media platforms. South Africans have taken to X (formerly Twitter) to voice their concerns and frustrations about the alliance. Many users are critical of the terminology used, arguing that it should be called a coalition rather than a Government of National Unity.

For instance, user @Mo_Magoda expressed skepticism about the term “GNU,” stating, “It’s a coalition. Stop calling it GNU.” Similarly, @africanacademia highlighted the historical implications, tweeting, “Breaking news: The ANC and DA have reached a deal to return South Africa to apartheid.” This sentiment was echoed by @Abraham_Meso, who lamented the perceived departure from the ANC’s historic values, saying, “This is Not The ANC of Oliver Tambo, Chief Albert Luthuli and Anton Lembede. Our country is gone.”

Official Statements and Ongoing Negotiations

Despite the public uproar, both the ANC and the DA have yet to release official statements regarding the coalition agreement. However, Democratic Alliance federal chair Helen Zille, in an interview with eNCA, revealed that the deal is not yet finalized and confirmed that negotiations are ongoing.

Black Business Council’s Warning

Adding to the controversy, the Black Business Council (BBC) has issued a warning against the ANC-DA coalition. The BBC believes that such an agreement would be detrimental to black South Africans. BBC CEO Kganki Matabane suggested that the ANC would be better off forming alliances with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the Patriotic Alliance (PA) instead.

The BBC’s stance underscores the complexities and challenges the ANC faces in forming coalitions that align with its historical values and the expectations of its supporters.


The preliminary agreement between the ANC and the DA to form a Government of National Unity has sparked widespread debate and backlash among South Africans. While negotiations are still ongoing, the public’s reaction highlights deep-seated concerns about the future direction of South Africa’s political landscape. As the situation develops, the final outcome of these coalition talks will undoubtedly have significant implications for the country’s governance and socio-political fabric.

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