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The DA’s New-Found Influence in Government: A Historic Moment

John Steenhuisen, DA leader, celebrates the DA’s unprecedented role in South Africa’s government. With significant cabinet and deputy ministerial positions, the DA is poised to influence key sectors and drive national development. John Steenhuisen, leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA), has pledged that any suspicious tenders in DA-controlled departments will be investigated and that civil service appointments will be fair. The DA holds 12 portfolios, including Agriculture and Basic Education, and aims to drive growth and improve services.

In a significant political shift, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has secured 12 key portfolios in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s newly formed cabinet. This includes influential ministries such as Agriculture, Basic Education, and Home Affairs, along with six deputy minister positions across Finance, Trade, Industry and Competition, Higher Education, Energy and Electricity, Water and Sanitation, and Small Business Development.

Addressing the media after the announcement, DA leader John Steenhuisen emphasized the party’s commitment to transparency, efficient governance, and improved service delivery. He assured that any suspicious tenders issued in DA-controlled departments would be swiftly investigated, and that senior civil service appointments would be free from political interference.

Steenhuisen, who now also serves as the Minister of Agriculture, highlighted the DA’s strategic objectives, which include driving economic growth, job creation, and enhancing the quality of education, water, sanitation, and energy supply. He reiterated the party’s dedication to combatting corruption and maladministration, stating that the DA’s involvement in the national government is aimed at translating their local governance success to the national level.

The DA’s presence in the cabinet positions them as a crucial player in the government, second only to the ANC in representation across all government clusters. Steenhuisen called on citizens to support their mission to uplift and deliver dignity to all South Africans, acknowledging the challenges ahead but expressing confidence in their ability to drive positive change.

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