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Will Smith’s Motivational Wisdom: Striving for 100%

Will Smith, renowned actor and motivational speaker, shares his insights on the difference between giving 90% and 100% effort in achieving success. His advice emphasizes that going the extra mile can make all the difference in turning dreams into reality.

Will Smith, a name synonymous with blockbuster movies and timeless TV shows, is also revered for his profound motivational insights. Beyond the silver screen, Smith has become a beacon of inspiration, often sharing wisdom on the importance of effort, perseverance, and the power of giving it your all. One of his most impactful messages revolves around the critical distinction between giving 90% and 100% in one’s endeavors.

The 90% vs. 100% Philosophy

Smith often underscores that while giving 90% might seem commendable, it’s the extra 10% that truly sets apart the extraordinary from the ordinary. According to him, this additional effort is what turns good intentions into remarkable achievements. “The difference between 90% and 100% is not just 10%, it’s the difference between average and excellence,” he explains.

He elaborates that most people tend to stop at 90%, believing they’ve done enough. However, those who push through to 100% often find that extra effort opens doors and creates opportunities that were previously out of reach. “When you commit to giving 100%, you’re telling the universe that you’re all in. And when you’re all in, the universe responds in kind,” Smith says.

Real-Life Applications

Smith’s philosophy is not just theoretical; it’s rooted in practical applications. Whether in his acting career, where he prepares meticulously for each role, or in his personal life, where he constantly seeks self-improvement, Smith’s commitment to 100% effort is evident.

He recalls his early days in Hollywood, emphasizing how he would go above and beyond what was expected, often staying late to perfect scenes or rehearsing lines until they were flawless. “It’s about being relentless in your pursuit of greatness,” he says. “When you push past your comfort zone, you discover new strengths and capabilities within yourself.”

Inspirational Advice

Smith’s advice resonates with individuals across various fields. He encourages people to identify areas in their lives where they can increase their effort from 90% to 100%. This could be in their careers, relationships, personal projects, or even in their health and fitness journeys.

“Ask yourself, ‘Where am I holding back? Where can I give more?’ It’s in those areas that you’ll find the greatest opportunities for growth and success,” Smith advises. He believes that this mindset shift not only leads to personal achievements but also inspires others to adopt the same level of commitment.


Will Smith’s motivational message about the power of giving 100% is a reminder that true success and fulfillment come from going the extra mile. His own life and career serve as a testament to the incredible potential unlocked when we push beyond what we think is enough. By embracing this philosophy, we can all strive to turn our dreams into reality and make a lasting impact in our respective fields.

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